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Lindsay Pizzuti/Mirror Bomb About Me: 


* What are your favorite tv show? Why? 

* Game of Thrones: I love the fantasy aspect of it but also that it is based in actual history 

* Westworld: I had to watch it twice to really get into to it, but I love it because it makes you think and the writing is so intelligent 

* Absolutely Fabulous: The best show to watch when I need to laugh. 


* What you like to do in your spare time? 

* I love exploring Noda with my best friend/business partner/husband, Danny. We enjoy eating at our favorite restaurants like Crepe Cellar, drinking at our favorite pubs like Hattie’s, and shopping at our favorite, local stores. On the rare occasion I have a night to myself, I love making a big pot of macaroni and cheese, pouring myself a glass of red wine, and turning on a cheesy chick-flick 


* Favorite wedding hair style to create? 

* It depends on the bride, but I have a few: messy low bun, anything with a big braid, or beach waves 


* Favorite hair experience? * The Game of Thrones shoot I did in collaboration with some amazing, local talent in 2017. The pictures went viral almost immediately, and I was interviewed by the BBC. It was an incredible experience for me not only because of the exposure Mirror Bomb received, but also because my dad is from the UK, so I grew up listening to and reading the BBC. 


* What do you love most about wedding days? 

* The energy in the room and witnessing all the love for the bride from her closet friends and family and knowing this day is going to be one of the best of her life. It gives me a really unique perspective into women’s lives. It’s very cool. 


* Why should brides hire you for their big day? 

* You should hire me if you’re looking to have fun and laugh a lot while you’re getting ready. At Mirror Bomb, I strive to make all the necessary but boring tasks - like the contract - as easy as possible and your hair and makeup relaxing and fun! I only hire hilarious and talented people to join me on wedding days, so my entire team is sure to make you smile. I’m punctual and typically end with enough time for the bride and her girls to relax a bit before the scheduled “need to be ready” time. I am quick, efficient, and creative, and I truly love weddings and my brides, and I think that shows from my portfolio. 


* Why did you choose hair? 

* I was working as a nanny and knew I didn’t want to make it a career, but I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go. My now husband (Danny) and I wanted to get married, but it was important to us to be financially stable first. Ever since I was younger, I’d always been passionate about hair and beauty and making my friends and family feel good about themselves, so one day, Danny suggested I try beauty 

school. The following week I had an interview with Empire Beauty School, and the rest is history. 


* Why the name Mirror Bomb? 

* When we started the business in 2011, we named it Bombshell, but as we grew and became more and more recognized in the wedding industry, Danny suggested we rebrand. I was stubborn initially because Bombshell was my baby, but he convinced me that a more unique name would be beneficial to our brand as we continued growing. I was determined to keep at least part of the original name, so we compromised and came up with Mirror Bomb. It’s a nod to our first business adventure together and incorporates something we both use for our respective talents, him with photography and me with beauty. 


* If you weren't a hair stylist, what would you be? 

* I don’t know, a travel blogger, perhaps? I love experiencing new cultures and cuisines. When I was younger, I wanted to teach history, but, realistically, I think I would be a bartender in Charleston. Maybe I’ll do that when I retire. 


* Hair education? 

* I’ve been trained by educators from Bumble and Bumble, Kerastase, and Aveda, and back in 2010, I was actually an Aveda educator. I credit my extensive wedding styling to my training under celebrity stylist Jon Reyman who works regularly with the likes of Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta, Nautica, and Carolina Herrera. 


* Continuing education? 

* It is important to me to offer my clients not only classic hairstyles and colors, but also new and exciting trends for my more adventurous cliental, so I stay up to date on my education through online classes as well as classes from celebrity stylists. 



For as long as I can remember, I have loved making women feel beautiful and helping them create the best version of themself. Platinum blonde, lavender, balayage, fiery red, anything, all you need to do is come to me with an idea, and I will work to give you exactly what you want. On your wedding day, I’ll make your vision come to life whether you desire a classic up-do or a trendy, Mohawk braid. Training under celebrity stylist, Jon Reyman, provided me with extensive knowledge of wedding hairstyles and the ability to create the perfect look for brides and her ladies on her big day. I am passionate about hair and beauty and continue my education through online courses as well as staying up-to-date trends and researching how to best accomplish them. Whether you’re a stay at home mom needing a kid-free afternoon or a bank executive needing a break from your blackberry, when you come to Mirror Bomb, you can be sure you’re in for a relaxing and fun experience and leaving with perfectly cut, colored, and styled hair.

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